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The interaction between a tennis ball and the strings of a tennis racquet is a relatively complicated process since adjacent strings tend to act independently. All of the strings tend to move in unison in a direction perpendicular to the string plane, but motion in a direction parallel to the string plane can vary from one string to the next.

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Compare Strings Tool. Choose the two strings you want to compare. Comparison automatically appears when you change either string. Differences between strings are all shown as the percentage difference of string 2 to string 1. Stiffness: The most important property.

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A tennis string comparison tool allowing the user to design reports on string stiffness, energy return, tension loss, peak impact force, impact tension increase, dwell time, deflection, etc., for user-defined impact conditions including string tension and swing speed.

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A tennis string comparison tool comparing string on lab tested performance criteria like power, energy return, stiffness, softness, control, comfort, shock, inter-string friction, ball-to-string friction and spin potential.

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For a given string installed in both the mains and crosses, spin potential is the ratio of the string-to-ball stickiness divided by the string-to-string slipperiness (string-to-ball COF / string-to-string COF). The higher the ratio, the greater the spin potential. If the string-to-string friction is low, the main strings will slide along the ...

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Not surprisingly, this string holds the top spot for spin in our Tennis Warehouse University String Lab. Beginner tip: If you’re looking to add the benefits of spin to your game and you don’t want to switch to a stiff polyester monofilament, you can get extra spin through higher string tensions and thinner gauges.

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The core of the string is made from Gamma’s Super Resilient Dynalon Center Core and is designed to offer more power than conventional synthetic gut. ($18) Gamma Challenger: Economical nylon string by Gamma. ($15) Squash. Ashaway Supernick: The official string of the PSA and WISPA, Supernick provides power, durability, and exceptional feel. ($25)

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Administrator. Feb 29, 2016. #2. The spin potential number is the ratio of ball-to-string COF / string-to-string COF. Usually it is reliable but sometimes a string will have a disproportionately high ball COF or low string COF (the latter being the case for the Origin) and, therefore, perhaps an unrealistically skewed spin potential number.

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