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The Rules of Tennis (see Rule 3 and Appendix I) provide for seven types of ball – a fast-speed ball (Type 1), the standard (Type 2) ball, a slow-speed ball (Type 3) and a High Altitude ball, in addition to Stage 3, 2 and 1 balls.

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Binary Tennis Ball Classification Images with or without tennis balls. Dom Henjes • updated 3 years ago (Version 3) Data Tasks Code (4) Discussion Activity Metadata.

GEAR GUIDE: How to choose the right tennis balls?

In general, each brand of ball makers produces three classes of balls, professional level, championship level, and recreational level. Professional level tennis balls are the highest quality ball of that specific manufacturer, and indeed are often the same balls used in professional tournaments. When you buy a professional level ball, you can expect to get the performance and durability that that brand has to offer.

The Classification of Tennis 'Skills'

On the other end of the spectrum, we have what are called continuous skills - running and swimming are examples here - in tennis, continuous skills don’t exist. There’s a third type of classification - called serial skills - that are made up of a number of discrete skills, which are linked together. For instance, a rally in tennis is a serial skill (yes, rallying is a skill) - each stroke has a definite beginning and end but when you combine several of these strokes, you get a serial task.

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RE: The tariff classification of Court Tennis balls from Haiti. Dear Mr. Alger: In your communication dated January 2, 2004, you requested a tariff classification ruling on behalf of Tom Bolt & Associates, P.C. The merchandise consists of sport balls specially designed for use in the game of Court Tennis.


rules of wheelchair tennis 16 . amendment to the rules of tennis 18 . appendix i the ball 19 . classification of court surface pace . appendix ii the racket 22 . appendix iii player analysis technology 23 . appendix iv advertising 24

Image Classification using GluonCV

class TennisBallClassifier (): def __init__ (self): self. _network = load_pretrained_classification_network def classify (self, filepath): # YOUR CODE HERE image = load_image (filepath) transformed_image = transform_image (image) self. _visualize (transformed_image) probabilities = predict_probabilities (self. _network, transformed_image) pred_proba = slice_tennis_ball_class (probabilities) print ('{0:.2%} confidence that image is a tennis ball.'. format (pred_proba)) return pred_proba def ...

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For a tennis ball classification, we need to find the probability associated with tennis ball (out of the 1000 classes). This can be done by implementing a function that returns the index of a given class label (e.g. admiral is index 321 ). def find_class_idx(label): for i in range (len (network.classes)):