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Basketball Referee Signals

Referees should focus on 19,20,21,22, 24, 25, 28, 30,31, 32, 33, 34 s 19 Traveling 20 Illegal dribble 21 Palming/ carrying the ball 22 Over and back s 29 Illegal use of hand 30 Hand check 31 Holding 23 3- second violation * Open hand - run end line 24 5- second violation 25 10- second violation 32 Blocking 33 Pushing or charging 34

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OFFICIAL BASKETBALL RULES 2006 A - OFFICIALS’ SIGNALS STEP 3 - NUMBER OF FREE THROW(S) AWARDED 49 ONE FREE THROW Hold up 1 finger 50 TWO FREE THROWS Hold up 2 fingers 51 THREE FREE THROWS Hold up 3 fingers OR - DIRECTION OF PLAY 52 Point finger, arm parallel to sidelines 53 AFTER FOUL BY TEAM IN CONTROL OF THE BALL Clenched fist,


use 1 or 2 fingers after signal 14 13 14 15 3-point field goal 16 17 18 Bonus free throw for 2nd throw, drop one arm – for 2 throws, use 1 arm with 2 fingers – for three throws, use 1 arm with 3 fingers ® OFFICIAL NFHS BASKETBALL SIGNALS Start clock Stop clock 60-second time-out 30-second time-out Stop clock for jump/held ball Stop clock ...

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Strike wrist Clenched fist strike open palm Strike the palm towards the other forearm Swing elbow backwards. HIT TO THE HEAD FOUL BY TEAM IN CONTROL OF THE BALL. Imitate the contact to the head Point clenched fist towards basket of offending team. FOUL ON THE ACT OF SHOOTING FOUL NOT ON THE ACT OF SHOOTING.

Basketball Referee Handbook

Upward Basketball 3 Referee Handbook Welcome to Upward Basketball! This handbook is designed to provide you with everything you need to be successful as an Upward Basketball Referee. The information on the following pages is designed to guide you through the season and includes the rules unique to Upward Basketball.


OFFICIAL NFHS BASKETBALL SIGNALS Stop clock 2 Stop clock for jump/held ball Directional signal Not closely guarded Bonus free throw 6 13 19 Stop clock for foul 10 60-second time-out 11 Stop clock for foul (optional bird dog) 12 18 Throw-in designation 7 Move along end- line on throw-in No score Visible counts 9 Beckoning substitutes 30-second

FIBA Signals - Officiating

FIBA Signals - Officiating Bernard Vassallo (Adapted from the FIBA Rules) Page 6 . FIBA Signals - Officiating . As from Octobr 1st 2018 . Author: bvassallo Created Date:

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Referee Hand Signals and Cheat Sheet Types (T) (I=Procedural, P=Personal Foul, T=Technical Foul) Signal Text Penalty T Duration Comments Timeout: Discretionary or Injury. Follow with tapping on chest for my TO. None RULE: 4-27 4-28 I Up to 2 minutes. 4 per game. Max 2 per half. Possession required if not a dead ball. Score None

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Sports >> Basketball >> Basketball Rules There are a lot of different signals that basketball referees, also called officials, use in the game. It can get confusing. This is a list of the different basketball referee hand signals and what they mean. The specific rules below are described in more detail on other pages (see links at bottom of page).